Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy is a joyous, yet hard, season of a woman's life that consists of several phases. Women pray for a healthy birth and child, but sometimes things go wrong; a medical lawyer may be hired to represent the patient in legal proceedings following a neglectful or wrongful birth experience.

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Nausea and morning sickness are common in the first phase of pregnancy; along with extreme fatigue. It often begins before the first ultrasound verifying a viable pregnancy. Sometimes resulting in intravenous fluids, and occasionally diagnosed Hyperemesis Gravidarum, while vomiting it is important to stay hydrated as morning sickness can quickly deplete mom's body of hydration and nutrition. Oftentimes women feel bloated and emotional but aren't showing in the stomach. This phase is also statistically the highest rate of miscarriage, which is when mom loses the baby for various reasons. Chorionic Villus Sampling tests are also performed toward the end of this phase; while invasive and risky, they are offered in situations where a mom knows she carries genes that can affect a baby's health in negative ways.


Typically, babies in utero have entered the "safe-zone" at this point of pregnancy, as miscarriage is not as probable. During this phase if desired, women often learn if their bodies are carrying a male or female child and receive an anatomy scan to measure all the parts of the child and abnormalities. The anatomy scan can often times distinguish and diagnose birth defects and other conditions during this scan that occurs between eighteen and twenty two weeks gestation. At any point in pregnancy, if something goes wrong and a medical professional acts inappropriately causing harm to the fetus, a woman should contact a medical lawyer.


By this point in pregnancy, a woman is visibly pregnant and begins fatiguing more easily. She prepares for birth, and sometimes her feet and legs swell. This is the most common phase for pre-eclampsia to cause issues for mom and baby. If a woman's blood pressure, blood sugar, or vision changes during this phase, a doctor should be notified immediately. As a woman approaches childbirth, she can create a birthing plan for herself noting if she desires a natural or medicated birth, delayed cord clamping or water birth, bottles or nursing, as well as other choices. Having them noted on hard copy can assist medical staff postpartum in making decisions best for mom and baby.

Childbirth is an extremely vulnerable and stressful time for a woman, all the while it is also an emotional roller coaster. Many women refer to this time period as one of the most memorable happiness of her life. Providing a woman with the utmost positive support possible will play a strong role in how her childbirth experience completes. While typically a woman's body knows how to deliver a child, being aware of complications can save lives in the moment. It is important to be conscious of both the glorious miracle and the possible risks involved in birthing a child.