34 Weeks Pregnant

At the 34 weeks pregnant stage the following changes in body can be observed by the expectant mother. The baby’s changes are also enlisted below:

Changes in the mother

Most common pregnancy symptoms at pregnancy week 34 are backaches, leg cramps, and other pains that come with the final weeks of pregnancy. You may also experience preeclampsia which manifests as a swelling in your ankles and feet, and sometimes in your face and hands. The pregnancy hormones usually cause this swelling for meeting the growing baby’s needs. You must consume plenty of water and keep your feet in a heightened position to relieve swelling. While most of the symptoms will vanish after delivery, your doctor will also be monitoring you continuously to avoid complications later on.

The Baby

The baby’s muscles are maturing along with the rest of his body at the pregnancy 34 week. The baby will find it possible to hold his head up and turn it from side to side. He’ll also be stretching out his arms and kicking his legs. The baby’s movements increase rapidly at the 34 weeks of pregnancy and you’ll be able to feel his movements. In case of a baby boy, the testes would have descended into their proper place around this stage of pregnancy. Your baby’s eyes open when awake, and are closed when sleeping. Most of the lanugos (prior hair formation) is gone and replaced with a thick coat of vernix (normal hair).

This week your baby is about 12.8 inches (crown to rump) and weighs nearly five pounds.
You must know about signs of premature labour at 34 weeks pregnant which can be in the form of menstrual cramps, watery pinkish or brown discharge, preceded by thick mucus plug and tricking of amniotic fluid from the vagina.

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