Causes For Bleeding During Pregnancy

It is common, frequent bleeding in vagina during first trimester of pregnancy. It is not considered as a pregnancy complication. But if the bleeding continues up to third trimester, you must consult a doctor it might be a pregnancy complication. There is no specific reason for bleeding, this can occur due to many reasons. But there are some fundamental things to know better about the bleeding.

It is better to wear a panty liner or pad during bleeding. This is the better way to observe the quantity and type of bleeding. It is very important that you should not have sex if you have bleeding. It is not advisable to dress on anything in and around the vaginal area. It is better to consult a doctor if you are experiencing the problems like miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies and molar pregnancies.

Miscarriages: It is accepted that bleeding is a symptom of miscarriage. But it is not sure; there are so many reasons for bleeding in the early stage of pregnancy. Most of the miscarriage women do not get bleed. It is vigorously accepted that nearly 25% of the pregnancies come with the result of miscarriage, and the majority of victims are found during first 12 weeks.

If you experience tissue transient through the vagina, vaginal bleeding and cramping pain in the area of lower abdomen, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately because these are the major sings of miscarriage. Most of the miscarriages are unpredictable, this depend upon the unhealthy pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancies: These kinds of pregnancies will not occur in the uterus. This is not as much as common comparing to miscarriage. The major reason for ectopic pregnancy is the fallopian tube. You can see some rare pregnant women with ectopic pregnancy like 1 among 60 pregnancies.

You can identify the ectopic pregnancies if you experience pain in the abdominal area, cramping pain in the lower stomach, virginal bleeding and low level of HCG.

It is a must to consult a doctor if you had previous pelvic operation, infection in the tubes and a previous ectopic pregnancy. The above said problems are considered as major risk factors.

Molar Pregnancies: Molar pregnancies are unnecessary development of an unusual tissue that alternates an embryo. It is really an exceptional reason for early bleeding, called as a “mole”. It can be recognized as gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD).

You can consult a doctor if you experience the below symptoms like bleeding in vagina, deficient critical heart tones and abnormal high level of HCG. It is possible to view unusual clusters like grape in the uterus through ultrasound.

Common reason for bleeding: Apart from the above-mentioned reasons there are some common reasons for bleeding during pregnancy. It is possible to get bleeding due to some kind of infection in the pelvic cavity. Some of the women may have soft and tender cervix, they can experience bleeding after intercourse.

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